The green product market has experienced a steady increase, due to more and more individuals being concerned with how well they are protecting the environment. In the roofing industry, more manufactures have begun to jump on board with the environmentally friendly niche in order to meet the growing demands from consumers. While there are several types of green roofing products available for purchase in today’s world, many homeowners become confused about the different options. Here is a basic guideline to understanding some of the most popular green roofing materials; homeowners who wish to learn more about which type might work best for their roof are encouraged to contact a licensed Madison roofing expert.

Vegetative green roofs are certainly not the only green roofing product that’s available to homeowners. One type of roofing system that has become more popular is a cool roof, which utilizes lighter colored materials in order to reflect ultraviolet radiation, as opposed to darker colored materials that absorb the sun’s heat. One of the biggest advantages to having a cool roof installed is that it reduces energy consumption, which allows the homeowner to experience a reduction in their annual heating and cooling bills. Cool roofs cause the temperatures inside the home to be warmer during the winters and cooler during the summers. This benefit can be even further enhanced by adding more layers of insulation in the attic.

Coated metal roofs are ideal for any climate because of their durability and enhanced longevity. In fact, many roofing experts consider metal roofs to be the best type of green roofing products. Coated metal roofs possess the same degree of energy efficiency that a cool roof has, but it offers much better protection against the elements. Most metal roofing products are derived from 100 percent recycled materials, and there is a wide range of color choices and style options that are available to choose from. It is very easy for homeowners to be able to match the rest of their home’s aesthetic features, and a metal roof is light enough that it can be installed on almost any home without the need to add additional support structures.

Some traditional types of roofing materials can also be classified as green products if they are constructed with recycled materials, they can be recycled again after use or they are a natural product. Wooden shingles and shakes fit this criteria quite well, and they are a very popular style choice for homes that are located in New England. Clay tiles also qualify, but they might not be an ideal choice for homes that experience extreme hot or cold temperatures, because they can easily crack.