Using the Most Advanced Technology to Exceed Expectations!

Hustad Companies “ROOF ACCESS” provides instant access to Inspection Reports, work order history, repair history, and future budget forecasts, and:

  • Displays a list of all property locations, including total sq ft, and overall grade
  • Allows access to past and current service dispatches for all properties providing a work order repair history
  • Provides FedEx style status update for all service dispatch tickets with time-stamps

  • Generates emergency repair estimate, remedial, and replacement Budget Matrix for all properties
  • Enables access to any property specific files, including all applicable Warranties, and relevant property specific Documents
  • Generates total Roof Replacement Proposals for the property
  • Displays itemized expense repairs, with corresponding before/after photographs of the deficiency, and the repair
  • Generates an inventory, work order repair history, and future capital improvement projections
  • Allows repair and service requests with a click of the “Service Dispatch” icon via the Hustad App’ or via the Hustad website