A flat roof is a bit different from a pitched roof in that it lays horizontal across the top of the building. In most cases, flat roofs consist of the top coat, which can be made from a number of different materials, and an underlayment. Some homeowners wish to install a flat roof on their homes due to the unique appearance they provide; however, there are some other advantages and disadvantages that should be considered. A Madison roofing contractor should help determine if a flat roof is right for a particular home.

One main draw to installing a flat roof is the price. Because they lack a pitch, it takes less materials to properly cover the roof. Although it is always recommended that a professional install a roof, flat roofs are not as labor intensive and are much faster to install. This means the cost of installation is less than the cost of installing a pitched roof.

There is another reason some homeowners wish to install a flat roof. If the home is a new construction, the flat roof can be designed to include another usable space.

In urban areas, some flat roof buildings have a garden on top with potted plants, some are used as a space for the family dog and others are used as a safe play place for children.

A downside is that pitched roofs are actually a bit more solid in their structure. This is because a flat roof does not have the same triangular framing that pitched roofs have. If the home is on the larger side, the roof will need supports which may break up any large living areas. On smaller homes, however, this may not be such a disadvantage, especially if it is located in an area that does not receive much rain.

Another problem with flat roofs is that they can absorb heat. This is because the entire roof is exposed to the sun throughout the whole day. If there is not enough insulation or ventilation, which is going to be minimal as it is due to lack of space, the living spaces can heat up very quickly and increase cooling costs.

As with any type of roof, those who are interested in installing a flat roof should consider the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. An expert roofer can assist with the decision making process during the homeowners’ search for a roof to either replace an old roof or for a home that is being built.